The Cardiac Disease and Therapy laboratory blends advanced physiological assessment of cardiac function with leading molecular approaches for targeted, cell-specific manipulation of gene expression to understand how the heart adapts to stress in health and disease.

We have expertise in assessment of cardiac function in whole small animals (echocardiography), isolated hearts (systolic and diastolic, vascular function, ischaemic responses) and in characterisation of cell changes (enlargement, proliferation, death) in culture that allows advanced instrumentation and development of novel assessment techniques. This expertise is blended with targeted manipulation of protein expression in a time- and cell subtype-specificities manner through in vivo and in vitro gene editing, transfection and infection. We also characterise changes in cardiac biochemistry using immunocytochemistry, and RNA/DNA/protein quantification. Integrating this broad range of expertise to experiments enables us to undertake highly integrated assessment of the heart.

Reichelt group