The endocrinology and metabolism (Chen) laboratory is fully equipped for molecular and cellular biology studies of endocrine cells. In addition to our capability to carry out routine PCR, Western, cell culture, ELISA, histology and indirect calorimetric assessment in mice, we have four single cell patch clamp recording systems for ion channel studies, which allow us to simultaneously record intracellular calcium, single cardiomyocyte contraction/relaxation and single cell hormone exocytosis (membrane capacitance and amperometry).

The Chen laboratory has well established non-obese T2D, obese pre-diabetes and obese diabetes mouse models. We also have transgenic mouse lines with specific growth hormone axes marked by GFP
(GFP-GHRH, GFP-GH) for single cell studies. We have established a full range of pituitary hormone and pancreatic islet hormone supersensitive assays that allow us to record detailed hormone profiles in mice.

With our established supersensitive assays and unique tail-blood sampling from conscious free moving mice, the Chen lab is currently the only laboratory able to measure and analyse the pulsatile component of mouse hormonal secretion patterns. Our lab is also interested in key metabolic regulatory hormones, such as leptin, insulin, GH, adiponectin, orexin, GLP-1, glucagon, etc. in mouse models of human disease. Our single cell recording suites provide a unique platform for cell functional analyses.