Our laboratory is undertaking a broad range of projects ranging from analysis of dietary deficits in Queensland pregnant women through to characterising the role of specific posttranslational modifications in placental dysfunction. Our research group is highly collaborative and we work with colleagues across Queensland and interstate. Current projects being undertaken in the laboratory include:

  1. Understanding how current treatments for Gestational Diabetes mellitus affect placental function using human samples
  2. Investigating risk of pregnancy disorders in relation to micronutrient intake in Queensland women.
  3. Understanding the relationship between thyroid disorders and clinical outcomes in pregnancy
  4. Using a mouse model of selenium deficiency to understand how thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy mediates offspring metabolic disease.
  5. Understanding the role of placental oxidative stress in sex specific programmed offspring disease.
  6. Using animal models of hypothyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism to investigate hey these common pregnancy disorders contribute to pregnancy complications.
  7. Using novel animal models to investigate why women that are deficient in Vitamin B12 are more likely to develop Gestational Diabetes Mellitus