Tecan Spark Multimode Plate Reader

Tecan Spark Multimode plate readerTECAN Spark multimode reader for absorbance, fluorescence, time resolved fluorescence, FRET, TR-FRET, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, alpha screening, automated live cell imaging and cell counting and confluence, temperature controlled, ELISA, BRET and nanoBRET, protein quantification, and  DNA/RNA quantificaitons.

  • Multimode plate reader
  • High speed monochromator for absorbance measurements
  • Nanoquant plate for low volume, calibration free nucleic acid measurements
  • Luminescence optics for 96, 384 well format glow, flash and multi-colour luminescence applications
  • Automated cell imaging for cell counting, viability analysis and live cell imaging
  • Automated incubator with humidity, CO2 control and a lid lifter
  • Powerful Magellan software for management of long-term kinetic assays

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Molecular Devices SpectraMax M4 Multimode Plate Reader

  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax M4 multimode plate readerMultimode plate reader that accepts cuvettes and 6,12,24,48,96 and 384 well microplates
  • Absorbance, Fluorescence, Time-resolved Fluorometry (TRF) and Luminescence capabilities
  • Spectral scanning in 1nm increments across the whole spectral range (200-1000)
  • Measures up to 6 Absorbance wavelengths per read or four wavelength pairs for other read modes
  • Kinetic, Endpoint, and Well scanning
  • Temperature control (2 ˚C above ambient to 60˚C). Shaker. Softmax Pro analysis software

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BMG CLARIOstar Plus Multimode Microplate Reader

​BMG CLARIOstar Plus, a multimode microplate reader with advanced LVF Monochromators, temperature controlled, highly senstive filters, and an ulta-fast UQ/vis specrometer.  Fully flexible wavelengths and bandwidths, enhance dynamic rage and automatic focus technologies.  Dedicated laser for alpha technology.


Tecan Hydrospeed Plate Washer

Tecan Hydrospeed plate washerAdvanced microplate washer suitable for cell assays, bead assays and ELISA.

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Tecan Freedom EVO High Throughput Robotic Pipetting System

  • Tecan Freedom EVOHighly flexible robotic liquid handling system with easily repositioned carriers for microplates, pipette tips and reagent reservoirs
  • Intelligent individual liquid detection

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BioRad QX200 Digital Droplet PCR System

  • Biorad Qx200 droplet digital PCR systemDroplet digital PCR system for absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA
  • Utilises EvaGreen or TaqMan hydrolysis probe based assays
  • 96 well format
  • Applications include cancer biomarker studies and copy number variation, Genomic SNP detection, Quantification and qualification of next generation sequencing libraries, Gene expression analysis, Environmental monitoring and Food testing for GMOs

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Thermofisher NanoDrop™ 2000 Spectrophotometer

  • Thermofisher NanoDropSmall sample volume (0.5-2 µl) full spectrum UV-Vis spectrophotometer to quantify and assess purity of RNA, DNA and protein
  • Applications for measurements for UV-Vis, A260, A280, labelled DNA, Protein and labels (Dyes/Chromophores), Protein BCA, Protein Lowry, Protein Bradford, Microarray, Cell cultures
  • Method Editor for custom methods for utilising formulas and standard curves

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QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR System

  • QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR SystemReal-time PCR system 96 and 384-well, high resolution melt capabilities
  • Detection of as low as 1.5-fold changes in singleplex reactions with 10 logs of dynamic range
  • SYBR and TaqMan chemistries
  •  Multiplexing capabilities
  • Applications include Gene expression, miRNA profiling, SNP genotyping, copy number variation, protein thermal shift, pathogen detection

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Mythic 18 Vet Haematology Analyser

  • Mythic 18 Vet3 part differential, 18 parameter, quick haematology analyser
  • Blood samples as low as 10 µl from 10 different species
  • Up to 60 tests per hour
  • Easy to use

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FUJI DRI-CHEM 4000iAn innovative multi-purposed biochemistry analyzer providing biochemistry analyzer proving 29 parameters (26 colourimetry + electrolyes), even in small blood volumes.

  • High performance dry chemistry analyser for plasma, serum or whole blood
  • Simple 3-step procedure
  • Automated dilution
  • Biochemical tests for 10 enzymes, 15 general chemistry, 3 electrolytes and immunological test for CRP
  • Low sample volume (10 µl sample or 50 µl for electrolytes: Na-K-Cl)

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COBAS INTEGRA® 400 Plus Clinical Chemistry Analyser

  • COBAS INTEGRA® 400 plusHigh throughput clinical analyser with a large range of 120 assay and applications including clinical chemistry, specific proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug of abuse testing and whole blood HbA1c
  • High throughput 400+ sample per day capacity
  • Samples can be serum, plasma, urine, hemolysate, whole blood or CSF
  •  Microcups for low volume samples. Utilises ready to use (no mixing) reagent packs

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Luminex Magpix Bioanalyser

Luminex MagpixBead-based multiplexing assay unit with the ability to run up to 50 protein based assays (such as ELISAs) in a single reaction volume. 

  • High throughput multiplexing unit for quantification of multiple proteins in a single reaction via magnetic beads
  • Capable of up to 50 different tests in each reaction volume, with a sensitivity comparable to western blotting and ELISAs
  • 96 well plate format
  • Utilises both commercially available kits and reagents that are available for user-developed assays

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Seahorse XFe96 Analyser with XF Prep Station

  • Seahorse XFe96 analyser with XF Prep stationThe XFe96 analyser measures glycolytic rates, metabolic and mitochondrial function of live cultured cells (adherent, suspension or 3D cultures), isolated mitochrondria, ex-vivo samples and non-mammalian samples in real time
  • Highly sensitive, it can analyse as low as 5,000 cells per well in a 96 well format
  • Automatically measures oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR)
  • Capable of 4 independent injections per well with automatic mixing
  • Applications include dose-response studies and compound screening
  • The XF prep station complements the analyser by allowing automated washing, incubation and preparation of cells prior to assay with the XFe96 analyser

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LICOR Odyssey CLx Imaging System

  • Li-cor Odyssey CLx Laser-based imager
  • Utilises near-infrared fluorescent dyes allowing high sensitivity and image quality
  • 6-logs of linear dynamic range
  • Applications include western blotting, in-cell and in –gel westerns, protein and nucleic acid gels, EMSA/Gel shift assays, small animal imaging and tissue sections
  • Dual-colour capability for simultaneous detection

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BD LSR Fortessa X20 Flow Cytometer

  • BD LSR FortessaFlow cytometry analyser
  • 4 lasers; Blue, Red, Violet, and Yellow-green
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 12-14 fluorescent signals
  • Fixed alignment flow cell allows high sensitivity, reproducibility and quick start-up
  • Advanced optics system allows detection of dim fluorescent or rare cell populations
  • BD FACSDiva software allows automated acquisition of multiple samples and powerful analysis features
  • FlowJo version 10 is also available for analysis of acquired data