Course objectives

  1. To provide training in topographical anatomy to a level appropriate for postgraduates in surgical, radiologic and medical disciplines.
  2. To enable candidates to identify marked structures and their anatomical relations in prosected specimens and images.
  3. To enable candidates to correlate anatomical structures with radiological images.

Course content

The course will teach surgical anatomy addressing all aspects of regional and systemic anatomy. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will demonstrate knowledge in surgical relevance of all the structures covered in the course and surgical and procedural approaches to each organ or structure; and develop skill in anatomical structure identification and radiologic interpretation.

Registration requirements

Completion of an undergraduate medical degree, such as an MBBS or its equivalent qualification.

Course fee

The course fee is unchanged in 2018. This fee of $6300 can be paid as a single payment or over 5 payments under our instalment plan. 

Course written materials

As part of the course fee, you will have access to comprehensive sets of notes and PowerPoint files on each module. This resource can be downloaded from BlackBoard© once you have been issued with login details. All written material is covered by copyright. You are free to use the resource for your own needs only. Three of the recommended text books will be provided (at no extra cost) as part of the course. They are:

  1. Gilroy, A.M., Anatomy. An Essential Textbook. Thieme, Stuttgart/New York.
  2. Gilroy, A.M., MacPherson, B.R. & Ross, L.M., 2012, Atlas of Anatomy, Second edition. Thieme, Stuttgart/New York.
  3. McMinn, R.M.H, 2003, Last's Anatomy, Ninth edition (the RACS Edition). Elsevier, New York.

These three textbooks can be picked up at your first module session.

Course structure and delivery method

All module sessions will be delivered in the School of Biomedical Science's Gross Anatomy Facility. 

Each module session is three hours long, and will include:

  1. Pre-test multiple choice questions (MCQs) for 15 minutes;
  2. Composite group teaching involving an overview of module objectives by the module coordinator to all attendees lasting 25 to 45 minutes.
  3. Focused group teaching small group-facilitated-learning on prosected specimens and images lasting 2 hours. The surgical faculty to candidate ratio will be approximately 1:5.

Prize for Outstanding Achievement

A cash prize of A$1000.00 will be awarded for outstanding achievement to the candidate in the Advanced Surgical Anatomy course who obtains the highest overall marks.

Course coordinator details

Professor Mark Midwinter
Chair of Clinical Anatomy
School of Biomedical Sciences

Note: Professor Midwinter commences January 2018. In the meantime, you can direct your enquiries to Marrianne at