Below is a list of equipment available. Other equipment is available on request.

Medite TES Valida embedding station

For rapid, high quality paraffin blocking

Microm sliding microtome

For sectioning of chilled or large specialised tissues.


Leica RM2245 semi-automated rotary microtome

LKB Ultra microtome

Ultra-sharp diamond knives for ultra-thin sectioning down to 20 nm for methacrylate and epoxy resin samples for light and electron microscopy.

Hyrax vibrating blade microtome

For rapid cutting and sectioning of specialised soft tissues and biopsies.

Nikon C51 Light and Stereomicroscopy

For digital imaging.


Fully equipped staining area

including a wide range of histo-chemical stains with manual options for DIY staining and coverslipping.

Leica 3050n Cryostat

For rapid, reliable serial frozen sectioning.

Thermo Cryostar NX70 Cryostat

For rapid, reliable serial frozen sectioning.

Leica ASP3000s Pathcentre

For efficient, reliable and timely automated tissue processing to paraffin wax.