Former lab members

  • Grace Shin (former postdoc) – currently doing a second postdoc at Columbia University
  • Danny Bosch (former PhD student, whereabouts unknown)
  • Kevin Mutemi (former MSc student) - enrolled in the EMBL PhD program, Germany
  • Josh Li (former PhD student) - postdoc Harvard Medical School

Our team

Sean Millard
Sean enjoys mountain biking and fishing in his free time.
Millard Lab team
The lab at the annual Australian Fly Meeting in Warburton, VIC
Nissa is a caffeine-addict who is always looking for new places to drink a tasty brew. If you can’t find her at a coffee shop, she’ll be on a hiking trail somewhere in southeast Queensland or zipping around one of Brisbane’s many bike paths.
Kevin at Easter
Kevin’s drive to discover the unknown extends to Easter egg hunts...