Feb 2018

Congratulations to Diana, Raul and Tracey, whose work on the role of NFIX in ependymal cell development was recently published in Neural Development


Exciting news for Elise, Sabrina and Maria, who have all been accepted into the upcoming meeting for the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience, which will be held in Nara (Japan) in May. 


Jan 2018

Another sterling effort by Lachlan, Oressia and Sabrina, whose paper on a method for identifying adult neural stem cells in the hippocampus, was recently published in Developmental Dynamics


Well done to Danyon, who was awarded a First Class Honours for his project last year. Danyon is also joining us for his PhD project.

Welcome to Raquelle Ludwig, who is doing Honours with us this year.

Congratulations to Raul, who got married late last year!

The lab was fortunate to get funding from a number of sources last year; thanks to all those who contributed to this, and to the funding bodies for supporting our research.

We received a Discovery Project Grant from the ARC, with our wonderful collaborator, A/Prof Tom Burne. This work aims to analyse the transcriptional regulation of brain size.

In collaboration with A/Prof Helen Cooper, who was the lead investigator, we also obtained a Project Grant from the NHMRC to investigate the development of hydrocephalus.

We were also fortunate enough to obtain an Explorer Award from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative to study the role of Usp9x in the development of this disorder.



Well done to Elise on the acceptance of her first publication as lead author. Elise's work, detailing the role of NFIX in spinal cord development, was recently accepted to Developmental Biology. Congratulations also to Lachlan and Danyon, who contributed to this work.

Congratulations to Diana, Lachlan and Oressia, who contributed to a paper recently accepted to Brain and Neuroscience Advances. This work was performed in collaboration with the Richards lab at the QBI. Great job all.

Alex recently had a paper accepted for publication in the journal Methods.  This work details her work on the prediction of target genes from transcription factor binding data. Well done Alex!

The lab team, along with wonderful our collaborators Dr. Fiona Simpson (Diamantina Institute), Dr. Glen Boyle (QIMR) and Dr. Ben Panizza (PA Hospital), was fortunate enough be awarded an Enabling Grant from the Australian Skin and Skin Cancer Research Centre for our work in developing an in vitro model for studying perineural invasion of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. We look forward to working with a PhD student in Fiona’s lab, Priscila Oliveira De Lima, who will be driving this work.


Congratulations to James and Sabrina, both of whom were accepted into training courses run through the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies. Both got to spend a week in Northern Italy learning about the latest techniques in neuroscience. Sabrina also got a travel scholarship from the Graduate School to fund her trip.

Well done to Lachlan and Tracey, who contributed to a recently published study investigating the expression of NFI proteins within the adult brain. Images from the paper made the front cover of the August 1st 2017 issue of The Journal of Comparative Neurology


Elise recently attended the recent EMBL Australia PhD course held at Monash University. Places were scarce for this, so well done Elise!

Congratulations to Lachlan, who recently graduated with a PhD, and who has taken up a prestigious, 4-year post doctoral position at the Crick Institute in London in the lab of Prof. Francois Guillemot. Lachlan’s most recent work on adult neurogenesis was recently published in Developmental Dynamics


James, Alex and Tracey had their work detailing the expression of NFIX within the postnatal cerebellum published recently in the July 2017 Issue of Brain Structure and Function. A job well done all!


Well done to Mitch, who has finished his PhD and has now moved to the States to do a post doc.  Mitch had two recent papers, which appeared in eBioMedicine and The International Journal of Cancer.



Swati had her final piece of work from the lab published in the February 2017 Issue of The Journal of Molecular Histology. Well done to Swati and Tracey on this manuscript!