I completed a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in neuroscience at UQ. During my undergraduate degree, I developed a strong interest in neurological disorders. I undertook a research project with the Clem Jones Centre of Ageing and Dementia Research at the Queensland Brain Institute, where I studied the effect of protein overexpression and mislocalisation in Alzheimer’s Disease. I became especially interested in neural circuitry, and chose to complete my honours year studying and manipulating basal ganglia subcircuitry using pharmacogenetics in order to observe the effects of goal-directed behaviours and action. Following the completion of this project, I wanted to continue in research to help improve our understanding of neurological diseases, especially through the innovative use of traditional scientific methods along with modern technology and collaboration with healthcare professionals. My PhD project in the Ngo lab involves studying differences in metabolic and dietary/appetite dynamics in MND, and using this information to help find future targets to optimise energy use and maintenance in MND.