Academic background

I completed Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacology) with a 2ndplace in the University from Kakatiya University, Warangal, INDIA in 2001. After that I worked briefly in in vivo cancer research field in a well-known research organization in Hyderabad, INDIA. Then I was in Vascular Biology field for almost six years in Glasgow Caledonian University and Dundee University in UK. Later I taught Pharmacology for 4yrs to undergraduate and master’s students in a Pharmacy college in INDIA. Because of my insatiable interest in research I joined Prof Maree Smith’s lab to pursue a career in pain research.

Research interests

Insight into the Pathobiology of Prostate Cancer-Induced Bone Pain in a Rat Model

My project will investigate the nature of tumor that grows in the rat bone after inoculating the tumor cells into the tibia. This model is well optimized in our lab; I will use FACS and immunohistochemical methods to study the similarities between human metastatic cancer pain and the bone pain induced in this model.