Associate Professor Sean Millard heads the molecular mechanisms for wiring the brain lab.

Researcher biography

BA in Biology (1993) Columbia University, New York, NY

PhD in Molecular Biology (2001) Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, New York, NY

My postdoctoral work was carried out in Larry Zipursky's lab at UCLA. Here, I learned both Drosophila genetics and neurobiology and began working on the Dscam-family of cell recognition molecules. I identified Dscam2 as the first tiling receptor and discovered that Dscam2 and Dscam1 are redundantly required for photoreceptor synaptic specificity.

I moved to Brisbane and began as a lecturer at the UQ School of Biomedical Sciences, in December 2009. I also have an Adjunct Appointment at the Queensland Brain Institute.

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