Researcher biography

Dr Felicity Han completed her doctoral training in neuropharmacology and drug delivery at a unique GLP-accredited biomedical discovery-translation and drug development facility at the University of Queensland. Her research has generated new knowledge to address unmet intractable cancer-related pain by applying for the latest advances in the field of nanotechnology to that of pain management.

Dr Han has developed numerous animal pain models for novel analgesic profiling. She has also developed a platform to produce therapeutic biodegradable nanoparticles enabling her to 1) solve the problem of potent and safe peptide therapeutics due to rapidly degraded by enzymes, resulting in low bioavailability, which has hindered their clinical development; and 2) further develop many novel orally bioavailable therapeutics to improve outcomes for people with cancer, chronic pain and other diseases.

Dr Han has recently begun to expand her research interest in a new field, looking at the role of glycogen in epilepsy in order to apply her unique experience to the development of effective treatment options.

Dr Han also enjoys volunteering within the academic community, most notably as Head of the SBMS ECR Committee and Treasurer for 9th The Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE).