Cortina completed her PhD in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology before joining the Neuroinflammation Lab in 2018. Her current research project focuses on the underlying neuroinflammatory pathogenesis of dipeptide repeat proteins in C9orf72-linked MND. Dr Chen’s other research aims to examine how stress can also potentiate neuroinflammatory priming. Her ultimate objective is to translate her basic research findings into potential therapies for MND, and stress-related conditions targeting the neuroinflammatory pathway.

Researcher biography

My research has focused on identifying molecular changes following stressful and traumatic challenges in animal models to understand the underlying biological mechanisms of stress-related disorders. I am extremely interested in furthering my research in investigating the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional processes in disorders of the nervous system, mood disorders, and during aging in order to develop biomarkers which will improve diagnostics and treatment plans for patients affected by these conditions.