We are now accepting expressions of interest for the Semester 1, 2020 course (dates yet to be confirmed). Your EOI will be registered and we will contact you once registration opens.


Following your registration, we will email you with confirmation that your application has been accepted, a unique registration number and a link to the University of Queensland's secure Registration Fee Payment Gateway.

There are two exceptions for not being accepted: (1) incomplete information provided, or (2) the course is full. In both cases you will receive a follow-up email from us with further instructions/advice. 

Just remember that full registration is a two-step process:

  1. Submission and acceptance of your application. Acceptance (or otherwise) will be confirmed in an email from us.
  2. Payment of the course registration fee - either as a single payment (A$6,550.00) or over five equal instalments. Payment of the fee (either in full or in-part) will guarantee a place on the next course. In-part means payment of the first instalment of A$1310.00.

Your full registration status will be confirmed via email.


Once we have accepted your registration request, you will be sent an email inviting you to pay the course fee using The University of Queensland's secure CBA bank BPOINT© payment gateway. Payment can be either a single payment in full or payment through five installments.

To get started you need to click on University of Queensland's secure Registration Fee Payment Gateway link in the email we send you following acceptance of your application.

The fee for the 22-week Advanced Surgical Anatomy Course is A$6,550.00.

The instalment payment plan fees are:

    Instalment 1: A$1,310.00

    Instalment 2: A$1,310.00

    Instalment 3: A$1,310.00

    Instalment 4: A$1,310.00

    Instalment 5: A$1,310.00

The timing of these payments will be arranged to suit you;  however the first payment needs to be made as soon as possible after acceptance of your registration to secure your place on the course. The final payment needs to be completed no later than two weeks before the final assessment date. To attend the final assessment you will have to have completed all payments. We will send a friendly email reminder about your next payment one week before an instalment is due.

Please remember that your place on the next course will only be fully guaranteed once you have paid the registration fee either in full or in part (for example, the first instalment through the instalment plan).

Assessment resit registration

We offer the opportunity for you to resit the course assessment at the end of the following course, if you wish. To complete the assessment resit registration process contact us at asac@uq.edu.au. To avoid disappointment we need your completed form and resit payment of A$495.00 at least one week before the final assessment.

Following receipt of your enquiry, we will email you within one working day with confirmation that your assessment resit request has been accepted, a reminder of your Registration Number and a link to the University of Queensland's secure Registration Fee Payment Gateway.

We suggest you send in your completed form early and make payment one week before the final assessment. That way we can send you a friendly reminder at the appropriate time.

Expression of interest

If you just want to register an Expression of Interest for 2020, please email us at asac@uq.edu.au.

You might like to cut and paste the following:

"I am submitting an Expression of Interest to attend the Advanced Surgical Anatomy Course. It is clearly understood that I am under no obligation to finally register. I look forward to recieving an invitation to register for my choosen course about 3 months before the start. At that point I can choose whether or not to submit a registration application.

I give the Advanced Surgical Anatomy Course Administrator authority to store my confidential contact details for the purpose of contacting me again in the future but only in relation to registering for this course ".

Otherwise, please look over the information on this site before proceeding further.