Students entertain, and habitually expect, to engage with learning resources anytime, anywhere and with any device, compelling us to further the integration of learning into an increasingly mobile society. Recognising the near ubiquity of internet-enabled handheld devices using multiple operating platforms and systems, we are leveraging diverse, but student-owned, technology for academic benefit, and creating active, high-impact,  decision-based learning opportunities.

Further, authentic summative mobile assessment tasks that require students to produce multimedia based on scientific rigor and logical reasoning address the need for science graduates to be trained in communication that include new media, and to partake in the broader international agenda of science and health communication.


  • Hardy Ernst
  • John Harrison (SJC)
  • Trish Andrews (TEDI)

Current projects:

  • Anywhere, anytime, with any device: Scenario-based mobile learning in biomedical sciences.
  • Summative mobile learning assessment in the biomedical sciences.