Tablets and Virtual Laboratories as Learning Tools

The use of virtual laboratories and computer tablets has increased dramatically in recent years. Our research focuses on the development, testing and evaluation of virtual labs and Android tablets in higher education.

Current work in this area involves the design of a handwriting app for Samsung tablets for use in examinations. By streamlining the tools with their ability to be marked online by academics, students can receive online access to detailed feedback on their performances. In the past, such access to feedback has been greatly limited due to time constraints and difficulties in arranging a viewing of paper exams. Thus, our research primarily endeavours to close the loop between student examination sitting, marking, and student access to feedback via a predominantly computer-based, online approach.


  • Matthew Cheesman
  • Mary-Louise Manchadi
  • Phil Long (CEIT)
  • Andrew Dekker (ITEE)
  • Ben Matthews (ITEE)
  • Peter Tregloan (CEIT)

Current projects: Design and evaluation of a UQ handwriting app for tablet-based examinations.

Graduated Students: Teague Jacob (Hons 1st class)

Current Students: Jason Weigel (PhD)