We are currently recruiting Honours and HDR students for projects relating to Alzheimer’s Disease, including those mentioned below. Please send your CV to Bree Rumballe b.rumballe@uq.edu.au for review.

  • Project 1: The role of cleavage of p75 neurotrophin receptor in neurotrophic function (cell biology)
  • Project 2: The role of neurotrophins in regulating the synaptic function of cholinergic basal forebrain neurons (mouse studies: electrophysiology, behaviour, fMRI, in vivo genetic manipulation)
  • Project 3: Studying basal forebrain function in Alzheimer’s disease and sleep apnea (human MRI and PET analysis)
  • Project 4: Developing optimised peptides for treating neurotrophic dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease (biochemistry)

Current grants

(2019–2021) NHMRC Project Grant

(2018–2021) NHMRC Project Grant