Our group works at the interface between the nervous and immune system, investigating the role of inflammation in complex neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury.

We are specifically interested in defining the various immune cell subsets that become activated and recruited to the inflamed central nervous system in such conditions, how these cells signal and work together to dictate outcomes.

We closely collaborate with other scientists and clinicians to address these questions using advanced genetic and molecular approaches, high-resolution imaging, behavioural assays and statistical modelling.

The ultimate goal of our work is to link immune cell function to neuropathology, and to find new and innovative ways to better treat neurological conditions that currently have no cure.

Sagittal spinal cord

Current research lines and projects include:

  • Immune cell biology in spinal cord injury
  • Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy for acute spinal cord injury
  • Stem/progenitor cell responses in CNS injury and repair
  • Anti-neuronal antibodies in neurological disease

We always welcome expressions of interest from gifted and highly motivated students or researchers to join our team.