Head of School Update

18 May 2016

The past two months have been extremely productive for SBMS

Our research and teaching and learning activities have received a tremendous boost with two substantial UQ grants. The $450,000 Enhanced Student Component Grant will enable us to establish a world leading advanced excitable cell facility while the equipment purchased with the $300,000 Major Equipment and Infrastructure Grant will increase our research capacity, particularly in opto-genetics. As the new facilities become available over the coming months, they will substantially enhance the UQ experience of both our postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Many members of our academic staff have had their research published in high profile journals, greatly enhancing the School’s international research reputation. Other academic staff members have had individual successes in obtaining funding for research projects, both from prestigious US institutions and the University. The School’s research accomplishments have also gained extra recognition by attracting significant media attention for both the School and UQ.

We also look forward to welcoming leading international cancer expert Professor Ross Hannan from the Australian National University to the School at the end of this week. Professor Hannan will deliver the public lecture at our annual Prize Giving Award Ceremony and will be talking about the world-first Australian cancer treatment breakthrough discovered by his laboratory in Canberra.

I hope all members of staff will endeavour to attend this flagship School event to recognise the outstanding achievements of our brightest and best students in 2015.

Regards Rod

Rod Minchin
Professor and Chair of Molecular Pharmacology and Head (Acting), School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia