Histology is the microscopic study of tissues and cells, with its techniques providing evidence and visual images of biological and physical science. 

The SBMS Histology Facility provides training and access to specialised microscopy systems for tissue preparation, slide production, and histo-chemical staining to scientists and students within UQ and throughout Australia. 

The Histology Facility is managed and operated by Dr Darryl Whitehead who is available for consultation and advice on histology and microscopy related issues. The facility is also staffed by three highly qualified Histology Assistants, who specialise in specific areas of the field of Histology.

Histology services

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Dr Darryl Whitehead

Ph:  (617) 3365 1929
Email: darryl.whitehead@uq.edu.au or biomedhistology@uq.edu.au 

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School of Biomedical Sciences Histology Facility
Level 2, Skerman Building (65)

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