Our Purpose 

By harnessing our diversity across the breadth of biomedical science, 
we will generate, disseminate and apply 
foundational biology underpinning health and disease 
to inspire and empower the next generation 
of leading researchers, educators, and healthcare professionals 
to innovate together for better health outcomes globally. 

People and culture

  • SBMS is committed to a values-based culture 
  • We share a common vision, which lies at the heart of what we stand for and strive towards 
  • Our vision and values underpin our collegiality and serve to create an environment which is safe and supportive 
  • We strive to nurture talent throughout all stages of career progression, enabling staff to reach their potential 
  • SBMS facilitates cross-fertilization of ideas and fosters collegiality and collaboration 
  • We are committed to a strategic academic recruitment process which is aligned to the school’s vision and goals 
  • An accessible governance framework assures transparency for the School’s committees 


Teaching and learning

  • We inspire, innovate and lead in biomedical science teaching and learning. 
  • Our School is an inclusive biomedical community where students, academics, researchers, clinicians, alumni and industry together foster learning. 
  • Contemporary evidence-based education underpins our curriculum. 
  • We offer exceptional and sustainable learning experiences across our teaching portfolio. 
  • Excellence in teaching and learning is recognized, fostered and rewarded. 
  • Our graduates have outstanding knowledge and skills making them desirable employees. 
  • We leverage the School’s active research to improve and promote teaching at the cutting edge of biomedical sciences 


  • SBMS strives for research excellence and highly values academic collegiality and mentorship 
  • We embrace the diversity of our individual research areas while encouraging strategic collaborative ventures 
  • We encourage, foster and support creativity and innovation for increased impact 
  • We acknowledge the strategic importance of translating discovery research to industry and the clinic, and take advantage of opportunities afforded by our integration into the Faculty of Medicine and across UQ 
  • We nurture our RHD students and ECRs to ensure a pipeline of high calibre next generation researchers 
  • We manage and expand state-of-the-art research facilities in keeping with principles of open access, affordability, innovation and quality 

Engagement and partnerships

  • We value industry and community engagement and support partnerships that promote and nurture research opportunities 
  • We foster connections between biomedical scientists and clinicians which enables the translation of our research 
  • We sustain the visibility of SBMS to global public communities by actively communicating our research outcomes 
  • We create a cohort experience for our graduate students through seminars, retreats and social events 
  • We actively manage international biomedical exchange programs for postgraduate students 
  • We provide lifelong partnerships and shared knowledge by engaging with our alumni network