A degree in Biomedical Sciences equips you with a range of highly transferrable skills desired by a variety of employers. While most of our graduates pursue careers in biomedical research or medicine, many of our Alumni work in industries within and outside of science. Some roles include laboratory/research officers, medical/life sciences sales representatives, science communicators/editors, and data analysts or consultants in technology, marketing, economics and infrastructure. Meet some of our students and Alumni and learn what pathway's they've followed below.


Meet Josh

A current student looking to pursue
a career in research or medicine

Meet Jamil

A Strategy and Consulting Analyst
at Accenture 

Meet Antony

An Anaesthetics Registrar
at Queensland Health

Meet Edwina

A Health, Safety, and Compliance Manager
in the construction industry.

Meet Nick

A Senior Microscopist and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Scientist at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience Microscopy Core Facility