Why study Honours with us

Do you want to specialise? Take your studies and ambition to a higher level?

When you have completed the Honours Program, you will have:

  • acquired high-level communication and technical skills
  • developed a high degree of self-confidence and personal satisfaction by completing a significant piece of work
  • contributed to a research program in the laboratory of your supervisor and maybe even made some 'world first' discoveries
  • given yourself the best chance for future employment or entry to the graduate research program.

Apply for the Honours Program

  1. Check if you meet entry requirements. BSc graduates can check their eligibility to enrol in honours by reading the program rules and requirements here. Current BBiomedSc (Hons) students can check their eligibility to enrol in honours by reading the program rules and requirements here for their 4 year degree. BBiomedSc graduates can check their eligibility to enrol in honours by reading the program rules and requirements here for the 1 year degree.
  2. Download the Biomedical Sciences Honours Application and Enrolment Guide
  3. Choose a research area you would like to work in and discuss potential projects with a range of possible supervisors. Research profiles of our academics can be found on the SBMS web site (https://biomedical-sciences.uq.edu.au/research/programs) and UQ websites. You can also find a list of Honours projects in our Biomedical Sciences Honours Application and Enrolment Guide.
  4. Select supervisor(s) and project and ensure your supervisor has agreed to enrolment.
  5. Return completed School Application to the SBMS Honours Administration Officer via Email: sbms@enquire.uq.edu.au or in person to Level 1 Macgregor Building #64, Room 130. Please complete the School application form.
  6. Important: All BSc Honours applicants, BBiomedSc Honours 1 year degree applicants and students new to UQ, must also complete the UQ Online application form

Deadlines: 7th December 2018 for commencement in Semester 1 2019

17th June 2019 for commencement in Semester 2 2019

We then check that you meet the GPA requirements and application details.

   Steps 1-6 should be completed well before the proposed commencement date

     7. You will receive notification advising which courses you need to add in mySI-net.You need to enrol in these courses before the census date,  (census dates are indicated on the University calendars). If awaiting results, students are not enrolled until the results are released.

     Official starting date for Honours (can vary by a week):

First week in February for commencement in Semester 1

Third week in July for commencement in Semester 2

     8. The Honours calendar of events and deadlines will be finalised before commencement of your Honours program. This will be emailed to you as well as posted on the course Blackboard site.

Where do I look for a supervisor / project ?

The Biomedical Sciences Honours Application and Enrolment Guide has information for specific Honours projects that have been submitted by potential supervisors. This is not an exhaustive list and you might also be able to find a project by contacting a researcher directly. Information and contact details for researchers can typically be found on School and Institute web sites, some of which are listed below:

School of Biomedical Science - https://biomedical-sciences.uq.edu.au/research/labs

School of Clinical Medicine - https://medicine-program.uq.edu.au/school-of-clinical-medicine/research

Diamantina Institute - http://www.di.uq.edu.au/study/honours

Mater Research Institute – http://www.materresearch.org.au/students.aspx

UQ Centre for Clinical Research - https://clinical-research.centre.uq.edu.au/honours

UQ Child Health Research Centre - https://child-health-research.centre.uq.edu.au/study-chrc

Queensland Brain Institute - https://qbi.uq.edu.au/study/honours

Institute for Molecular Biosciences - http://postgraduate.imb.uq.edu.au

QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute - http://www.qimrberghofer.edu.au/student_projects/

The Critical Care Research Group - Prince Charles Hospital - http://ccrg.org.au/

SBMS-Oxford Honours Scholarships

We have established a program with Oxford University (UK) that gives students the opportunity to undertake their Honours research project at this world-leading institution. For details on applying for one of these competitive scholarships please download the scholarship announcement which includes application guidelines.



The School has a dedicated Honours Administration Officer, who can guide you through the enrolment process, assist you in contacting research staff members, and provide other details about joining our School as a research student.

Honours Administration Officer
School of Biomedical Sciences
Phone: +61 7 3365 3132
Email: sbms@enquire.uq.edu.au