Higher Degrees by Research

Develop as a researcher

At our School you can: 

  • tailor your research program to satisfy your interests
  • obtain broader research skills by having dual supervisors
  • be part of an active and vibrant research culture that values its postgraduate student population. 

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Meet Dr Taylor Dick, Lecturer from UQ's School of Biomedical Science, who shares some tips for young researchers and discusses her research in this video.

Present findings at symposia and conferences

We have regular postgraduate symposia that provide experience in presenting research findings to a wider audience.

Opportunities exist for students to attend national and international scientific conferences. Academic success demands that researchers present their results to the wider scientific community. This exposure enables researchers to gain critical analysis of their work. We recognise the significance of these events and provide financial support for postgraduate students to attend and present at conferences.

Teach undergraduates

We offer research students the opportunity to teach in our undergraduate courses. This provides money for research students and experience in university teaching. Teaching is a valuable means of strengthening your skills portfolio and enhancing your curriculum vitae.

Work environment

We offer individual workstations for each postgraduate student with access to computers, printers, photocopying, free internet access, and financial support.

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