With its state of the art facilities and more than a million dollars’ worth of equipment, the Integrated physiology facility is poised to become the leading animal in vivo physiology centre in Queensland.

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TSE Phenomaster

The Phenomaster is a versatile phenotyping system. Up to 16 animals are individually housed in standard cage bottoms, inside environmentally controlled chambers. The two environmentally controlled chambers can operate independently and control light intensity, temperature and humidity. The monitoring equipment around each cage simultaneously records food and drink consumption, body weight, activity, oxygen consumption and CO2 production. Implanted telemetry equipment can also be incorporated within the Phenomaster further expanding its capabilities as required. Indirect calorimetry for metabolic studies can be performed by using the measurement of O2 consumption and CO2 production. The monitoring equipment can also be programed to automatically restrict access to food and to pair feed either single or groups of animals.  Running wheels can similarly be programed to operate freely or under restricted access.

For enquires regarding capabilities and bookings please contact Melanie Flint.

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Buker Minispec NMR analyser

The NMR analyser measures total body fat and lean mass in conscious mice.  The procedure is fast and causes no deleterious effects to the mice allowing the measurements to be repeated on the one animal over a period of time if required.

For enquires please contact Melanie Flint.

Surgical facility

The surgical facility is well equipped and can be adapted for a wide variety of procedures. The anaesthetic equipment includes oxygen, isoflurane vaporizers, minivet ventilators and a pulse ox for monitoring animals.  The surgical microscope assists in the teaching of procedures as it is connected to a television and has the capacity to take still photos and videos.  Animals awaiting surgery can be housed in the animal holding facility and animals recovering from surgery can be supported in the warmth of the climate controlled Memmert chambers.

For enquires please contact Melanie Flint.

Memmert chambers

The two programmable environment controlled Memmert chambers operate independently and control light intensity, temperature and humidity. These cabinets are effective in providing a warm environment for animals recovering from surgery.

For enquires please contact Melanie Flint.

Short term mouse holding facility

The facility has the capacity to hold mice for short term use with in the facility and while acclimatizing to the monitoring systems used in the Phenomaster. 

For enquires please contact Melanie Flint.