IPFThe integrated physiology facility (IPF) is designed to provide investigators the resources to establish in depth phenotyping of small animal models. The facility offers access to specialised surgical and physiological testing equipment for the investigation of various biological disciplines. 

Within the School of Biomedical Sciences, we function as a collaborative learning space for both researchers and students, where experimentally induced pathologies, or therapeutic interventions can be performed and assessed using wild type and transgenic animals. The IPF is also a valuable resource for developing new physiological monitoring techniques in small animal models.

The IPF possesses several dedicated functions including:

  • PC2 certification
  • Animal housing
  • Small animal phenotyping
  • Surgical facilities and equipment
  • Ultrahigh resolution ultrasound imaging (Vevo 3100)
  • Continuous real-time assessment of metabolism, activity and physiology (TSE PhenoMaster)
  • Ionising radiation certification (radiolabelling)
  • Automated home cage behaviour and cognitive performance assessment (TSE IntelliCage)
  • Exercise calorimetry investigation (TSE CaloTreadmill)

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Dr Jennifer Outhwaite
Integrated Physiology Facility Manager
T: +61 7 3365 2607
E: j.outhwaite2@uq.edu.au


Room 442 – 449, Level 4, MacGregor Building (64)
School of Biomedical Sciences
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia