There are numerous young and upcoming researchers within the School of Biomedical Science.

If you are a new Early Career Researcher (ECR) in the school, or are interested any of the School’s ECR activities, please contact the head of the SBMS ECR Committee Dr. Kirsty Short.

ECR funding resources

There are many different funding opportunities available for ECRs within the School of Biomedical Science. These include fellowships for salary support and grants to cover research costs. Some of these opportunities are listed below.

  1. UQ Internal Schemes information: You can also use the SPIN database for your search and the link will give you information on how to do this:
  2.  ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) – 5 years post-PhD for non-health and medical research. Information is available on the UQR&I website here –
  3. NHMRC Early Career Fellowships (ECF) – 2 years post-PhD for health and medical research. Information is available on the UQR&I website here –
    • Career Development Fellowships (CDFs)
    • NHMRC Project Grant
    • NHMRC Equipment Grant
    • NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical Fellowship)
    • NHMRC Doherty Early Career Fellowship (Australia based)
  4. UQ Development Fellowships – UQ internal fellowship scheme with a specific Post-doctoral fellowship stream for ECRs whose PhD was awarded after August 2011 (for the round just gone, it will be different in 2017) -
  5. UQ Early Career Researcher Grant Scheme – UQ internal scheme for ECRs providing project funding. Up to 8 years post-PhD. More information is available here -
    • UQ Postdoctoral Fellowships for Women
    • UQ Postdoctoral Fellowships
    • UQ Early Career Researcher (ECR) Grants
    • UQ FirstLink Scheme
    • UQ External Support Enabling Grant
    • UQ Foundation
    • UQ External Support Enabling Grant
    • UWA-UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award
  6. Advanced Queensland -  Research Fellowships
    • Queensland Government Advance Queensland Women's Academic Fund
  7. Faculty of Medicine:
  1. Travel grant opportunities
  2. Other funding opportunities
    • Human Frontiers
    • EMBO Long term fellowship
    • Humboldt Research Fellowship
    • Fullbright Fellowship
    • Heart Foundation Fellowship
  • Scott Sullivan Research Fellowship​
  • AAS - France-Australia Science Innovation Collaboration (FASIC) Program Early Career Fellowships
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • Gallipoli Research Foundation
  • The Michael J Fox Foundation
  • Ramaciotti Foundation
  • Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation Inc
  • The Hermon Slade Foundation
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation
  • RL Cooper Medical Research Foundation Limited
  • Therapeutic Innovation Australia Limited
  • Queensland Government Smart Futures Co-Investment Fund
  • Diabetes Australia Research Trust
  • Brain Research Fund
  • Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia Inc
  • Australian Academy of Science
  • Commonwealth Australia DIISR Research project grant
  • Heart Foundation of Australia
  • Hydrocephalus Association Innovator Award Research Grant
  • UniQuest Pty Ltd
  • Mater Medical Research Institute Limited
  • Queensland Allergy Services
  • Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute
  • National Heart Foundation of Australia
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs
  • Quality Funds Round 3
  • CRC for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism CRC Limited)
  • Metro North Hospital and Health Service
  • Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation - Cromwell Property Group Foundation Project Grant
  • The Mason Foundation - Medical and Scientific Research Grants
  • Alzheimer's Australia Research Limited
  • RC Seed Funding for Research Networks
  • Internation Joint Calls Grant
  • Smart Futures Fund - QCAS Biotechnology Projects Fund
  • Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research - ISL Australia-China Special Fund
  • Australian Biological Resources Study
  • Estate of Winifred V. Scott
  • Sea Life Conservation Fund
  • Halcyon Land & Sea
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Australian Coral Reef Society Inc

ECR events

The SBMS ECR committee organises numerous different events specifically aimed at ECR career development. 

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