Training and access to microscopy systems for tissue preparation, slide production and histo-chemical staining for researchers in South East Queensland.
Within the facilities are a multitude of advanced microscopes for live and fixed cell and tissue imaging, as well as 3D image reconstruction and analysis software packages.
Advanced instrumentation for RNA, DNA, and protein analysis, spectrophotometry, flow cytometry, cellular physiology, and robotic pipetting systems and readers for high content analysis.
The IPF is well equipped for in vivo animal physiology studies with capabilities for complex phenotyping, telemetry and surgery.
Body donations are treated with the utmost of dignity and esteem in our large, state-of-the-art anatomy teaching unit for health, medicine and science students.
The $1.5 million Integrated Pathology Learning Centre, the first of its kind in Australia, brings together more than 2,500 specimen and artefacts.