Scholarships available for First Nations Biomedical Sciences students

10 Jul 2024

As part of UQ's unwavering commitment to reconciliation, the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS) is dedicated to advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student's participation and success in our Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences program. 

In 2023, SBMS established the John Nesbit Scholarship for Biomedical Sciences as part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands Scholarship Scheme.

These Scholarships offers financial support to undergraduate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences program in any year of their studies. 

Of the six stipends offered as part of the John Nesbitt Scholarship – there are currently five still available for First Nations students. 

These valuable scholarships are each worth $5000 per year (pro rata) until graduation and SBMS will also provide mentoring to recipients if students request it. 

SBMS are committed to providing a culturally inclusive environment and fostering shared learning and knowledge and we encourage eligible undergraduate students to apply for these scholarships now

Applications close 1 August 2024.