The University of Queensland conducts a Body Donor Program through our School. This Program accepts donations of human bodies to assist the School in providing educational and research opportunities for staff and students in the health, medical and science disciplines. By studying anatomy in this way, it is possible to examine the complexities and infinite variations of the structure of the human body.

Most bodies are used in undergraduate teaching dissection programs which allow students to develop a fundamental knowledge of the human body. The study of anatomy also includes surgical skills development and medical research to investigate issues that continue to perplex medical science.

Donated bodies help to advance medical and scientific knowledge locally, nationally and internationally in order to promote health and alleviate suffering. 

Thanksgiving Ceremony

The School of Biomedical Sciences is grateful for the generosity of those persons involved in the UQ Body Donor Program who provide a unique resource for students of human anatomy. A public expression of this appreciation and a celebration of thanks takes place each year when the School conducts its annual Thanksgiving Ceremony for Body Donors.

This ceremony allows UQ students and staff to thank donors and their families for the contribution body donors have made to research, science and medical teaching at the University. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Annual Thanksgiving Ceremony brings staff and students of the School of Biomedical Sciences together with donors families and friends to honour donors from the two-year period leading up to the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to a range of frequently asked questions about organ donation, acceptance criteria, talking with family, advice for solicitors and more.


Procedures following death

The University of Queensland requires early notification following death to ensure that the donor's body can be received into our care as soon as possible. This enables a screening process to commence prior to acceptance into the program.

Following notification, the next-of-kin and medical staff will be asked for information relevant to the screening process. Should a donor be accepted into the program, the University will arrange for transfer of the body by a funeral director to the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University's St Lucia campus.

Conclusion of involvement in the UQ Body Donor Program

If the body of a deceased donor is in the care of The University of Queensland for a period of up to three years, then at the time of release the body is cremated. This responsibilty is covered by the program. In certain situations, the studies involving some bodies are completed in a shorter timeframe. Therefore, those bodies are cremated earlier than the scheduled date.

At this point, the UQ Body Donor Program Manager and the crematorium, will advise the nominated next-of-kin that the donor's ashes are available for collection.

The details and costs associated with the collection of ashes are private arrangements between the nominated next-of-kin and the crematorium.


The University of Queensland will cover the cost of cremation of donated bodies within Brisbane.

Contributions and bequests to cover such costs, or to support other education and research activities, are gratefully received by the University. Please contact the UQ Body Donor Program Manager for further information.



For more information or to discuss registering for the program, contact the UQ Body Donor Program Administrator:

UQ Body Donor Program Co-ordinator
The University of Queensland  QLD 4072

Phone: +61 7 3365 2702