The 6th International Postgraduate Symposium in Biomedical Sciences took place at UQ’s St Lucia campus and the Translational Research Institute, November 2 to 4, 2015.

This important annual event showcased research carried out by postgraduate students from our School and across the University and provided opportunities for interactions between UQ researchers and acclaimed international institutions. In attendance at the 2015 Symposium were international guests, academics and students from China, the United Kingdom (Oxford), New Zealand (Otago) and France (UPMC).

The Symposium also featured a public lecture by Dr Giles Yeo, Director of Genomics/Transcriptomics, Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.

Internationally recognised for his studies on food intake and obesity, Dr Yeo was the first to identify mutations in brain genes (MC4R and TRKB) that cause severe human obesity and his research has been featured in the new BBC Horizon special, What’s the Right Diet For You? 


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