The Integrated Physiology Facility (IPF) and Griffith University are sponsoring a one day workshop presented by Dr Dan Donner, who provides training for echocardiography at the Baker IDI in Melbourne. This is a great opportunity for us to make the most of the shiny new preclinical ultrasound machine recently acquired for the IPF.

Please RSVP to Melissa Reichelt to attend.

Dr Daniel Donner

Dr Daniel Donner is Lead Microsurgeon at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute’s Preclinical Cardiology Microsurgery and Imaging Platform in Melbourne Australia. Dr Donner graduated with his PhD in Cardiovascular Research and Master of Medical Research at Griffith University where he specialised his interest in the characterisation of novel cardiovascular disease models.

Daniel completed his postdoctoral microsurgery training under A/Prof Xiao-Jun Du (M.D.) and Dr Xiao-Ming Gao (Clinical Cardiac Surgeon) at the Baker Institute where he now performs microsurgery and imaging procedures in over 35 collaborative projects.

Dr Donner’s research expertise extends across the areas of stress-induced cardiomyopathy, cardiac hypertrophy, heart failure, endocrinology, diabetes and sex hormone pathology. His routine preclinical microsurgery and imaging procedures include cardiac catheterisation (pressure, pressurevolume and electrophysiology); temporary and permanent coronary occlusion; thoracic aortic restriction; telemetry; echocardiography and cardiac MRI – exclusively in mouse models.

In his previous academic role as university lecturer of physiology, Dr Donner was the recipient of the Griffith University Award for Excellence in Teaching (Medallion) in 2011 and more recently the School of Medical Science Alumnus of the Year in 2016 for his contributions to community through his independent enterprise. In recognition of his surgical expertise, Dr Donner holds an honourary appointment as preclinical microsurgical training partner for AD Instruments (MENA-APEC).

One-Day Workshop - Preclinical Echocardiography: Standardised Training for Reproducibility

Fri 10 May 2019 9:00am5:00pm


Melissa Reichelt