About Multi-disciplinary approach to understand the benefits and effects of the white shark cage-diving industry

Marine wildlife tourism has experienced rapid expansion in the past two decades with numerous opportunities for humans to interact with wildlife. Such expansion has resulted in concerns related to the potentially detrimental effects it can have on the wildlife and ecosystems it targets, while proponents describe education, conservation awareness, and psychological health and economic benefits linked to the opportunity of observing wildlife in its natural environment.

The growing popularity of marine tourism suggests that human aspirations to interact with these species are unlikely to subside in the foreseeable future. Therefore, a multi-disciplinary approach to assess and manage the effects on marine species is likely to be of increased significance as tourism opportunities continue to develop. This presentation will summarise the research undertaken on the white shark cage-diving industry in the last 5 years and highlight the recent management regulations put in place to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.

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Hawken Engineering Building (#50)