The Brisbane Calcium Symposium is organised by The Monteith (PACE), Davis (Mater) & Launikonis (SBMS) Labs as a forum to discuss the broad range of calcium signalling research going on at UQ. UQ calcium research spans its signalling role in lactation, to regulation of muscle contraction to the progression of cancer. It is a day-long event (please see flyer). The three lab heads will present their overview of their work and postdocs and students will present their focused projects.

The Keynote speaker is Dr Jeff Erickson, Univ of Otago, NZ, speaking about CaM Kinase in cardiac myocytes; Assoc Prof Robyn Murphy from La Trobe Univ (Melb) and Dr Tanya Cully (Baylor College of Med, TX, USA: former SBMS) also speaking.

Read the full program here.


School of Pharmacy (PACE), 20 Cornwall Street, Woolloongabba