LI-COR Odyssey CLx ImagerThis a digital imager that utilises two solid-state laser diodes that emit at 685 nm and 785 nm to image in the infrared spectrum. Separate detectors for each laser line ensure minimal cross-talk and allow for simultaneous scans of the two channels. The infrared spectrum also decreases autofluorescence and light scatter on the sample. The flexible system can also accommodate microplates, slides, as well as tissue sections. The large imaging surface allows multiple samples to be scanned: 6 microplates, 30 slides, or 9 mini-blots at the same time.


Light sources: solid state laser diodes 685 nm and 785 nm

Detectors: Silicon avalanche photodiodes

Resolution: 21-337 ┬Ám

Compatible with: IR Fluorescent WB In-Cell and On-Cell Western Assays

Protein Arrays

DNA Gels Protein Gels


WB Tissue section imaging


VIsit the Li-cor website for more information.