Tri-Carb 4910TR liquid scintillation counterThe Tri-Carb 4910TR liquid scintillation counter provides high performance and flexibility for detecting radioactivity in life science research samples.

Standard features:

  • TR-LSC (Time-resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting) for high sensitivity, low background liquid scintillation counting
  • QuantaSmart™ Software a robust multitasking, easy networking environment with unlimited assays in a secure multiuser environment
  • SpectraWorks 2 spectral analysis package that determines optimal counting regions, and calculates figure of merit automatically
  • Replay reanalyzes sample counts without recounting samples
  • Dynamic color correction ensures accuracy of tracking lower energy sample spectra over a wide quench range
  • Auxiliary Spectrum Memory stores rejected events for future analysis
  • Bi-directional sample conveyer with a capacity of up to 408 (20mL vials) or 720 (4 or 7 mL vials)
  • Varisette™ sample cassette for intermixing vial sizes without special adapters
  •  Direct DPM determines single-label DPM in any cocktail without the use of quench standards
  • 30 Quick Count protocol flags with the flexibility to define unlimited assays

Typical performance data:

  • Energy range: 0-2,000 keV

Efficiency, Normal Count Mode (minimum acceptable):

  • 3H (0-18.6 keV): 60%
  • 14C (0-156 keV): 95%

Observed Background, Normal Count Mode (average):

  • 3H (0-18.6 keV): 17 CPM
  • 14C (0-156 keV): 26 CPM

Figure of Merit (E2/B), Normal Count mode:

  • 3H (0-18.6 keV): 180
  • 14C (0-156 keV): 380

Figure of Merit (E2/B), Low Activity/High Sensitivity Count mode:

  • 3H (0-18.6 keV): 300
  • 14C (0-156 keV): 950

Note:The efficiencies, backgrounds, and E2/B values for the Normal Count Mode were determined using PerkinElmer sealed large vial glass standards set P.N. 6008500 verified with NIST standard activity

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