WIZARD2 Automatic Gamma CounterThe next generation WIZARD® Automatic Gamma Counter, Wizard2, is designed for superior counting performance with all types of samples and for every gamma counting application.

  •  Ideal for key gamma emitters -an energy range up to 1,000 keV allows studies involving various nuclides. 
  •  Ideal for RIA and IRMA studies -all RIA tube-based studies can be performed with Wizard2 instruments. The integrated software package allows efficient data analysis for different RIA applications. 
  • Isotope library contains information for 45 radionuclides. New isotopes can also be added to the library manually.
  •  Flexible counting volumes -2470 Wizard2 10- position racks accept a wide range of RIA tubes up to 13 mm (0.5 in) in diameter, including standard 3 mL tubes. A wide range of centrifuge tubes is also suitable. 
  • Counts manually -Wizard2 can be converted into a manual multidetector counter with a single command. In manual mode, sample volumes up to 5 mL, such as LSC minivials, can be measured or flow cell determinations made. 
  •  Efficient data analysis software is part of the standard instrument package. Perform concentration analysis and obtain data in CPM, CPS, DPM or Becquerel units. 
  • Quality control analyzer allows follow up of different assay parameters in Levey-Jennings plots, histograms and lists. 
  • 'STAT' counting -process STAT samples without touching the racks in the conveyor. 
  • Live spectrum display -select and view the counting spectrum of any detector on the spectrum screen. Spectra can be zoomed to get better resolution for the image. 
  • Automatic normalization -all corrections (such as spillover, background and efficiency) are calculated automatically by a normalization cassette for each defined isotope. Results are automatically corrected for decay, to a user-specified date or time, or to the start of the assay. Once a nuclide has been normalized, it can be linked to single or multilabel protocols without further need for normalization. 
  • Library-directed dynamic normalization - Wizard2 counters employ dynamic normalization to eliminate the effects of detector imbalance. This also compensates for any drift in the performance of detectors, which may be caused by aging or environmental instability. Dynamic normalization adjusts windows each time it measures a sample.

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