In addition to training on, and the maintenance of, our extensive suite of scientific equipment, our Core Facility staff offer a wide range of services to assist you with your research goals.   

  • Histology Facility: The SBMS Core Histology Facility offers a range of full contract services such as Tissue processing and embedding, Sectioning, and Slide Staining. These services can also be bundled with contracts with our Imaging Facility to image samples as well.
  • Imaging Facility: The SBMS Imaging Facility offers a range of contract services such as fluorescent and brightfield image acquisition, high throughput slide scanning, laser capture and tissue microdissection, and image analysis (2D and 3D imaging).
  • Analytical Facility: The SBMS Analytical Facility offers a range of contract services such as flow cytometry training, design and analysis using FlowJo or FacDiva.  There are also numerous high-end spectrophotometers, automated digital droplet PCR and qPCR instruments, bio-analysers such as the Agilent Seahorse and MagPix multiplex bead assay, and robotic systems for automated high throughput assay development.
  • Integrated Physiology Facility: The SBMS IPF offers a range of contract services for surgical procedures and ultrasound imaging.

Research Capabilities and Contract Work

SBMS is home to world class research and researchers. Making use of our state-of-the-art research infrastructure, many of our SBMS researchers offer contract work in their areas of expertise. See our research capabilities.