PPMS/RIMS bookings

  • User account creation or access to PPMS/RIMS for the following facilities: Analytical, Microscopy and Imaging, Integrated Physiology Facility and Histology.

  • If you have a PPMS/RIMS account that does not work or has been deactivated, please contact a Facility Manager for assistance:
  • SBMS Core Facilities: Shaun Walters and Darryl Whitehead (sbmscorefacilities@uq.edu.au)
  • Integrated Physiology Facility: Jennifer Outhwaite (j.outhwaite2@uq.edu.au)

Resources and Room bookings

  • ‘UQ Book It system for access to meeting rooms, autoclaves and biological resources (UQBR) equipment and rooms.

Specialised equipment bookings

Some of our equipment, while available to book through the normal booking links, require some additional planning and support from our Facility Core Managers.

  • The PhenoMaster and IntelliCage located in the IPF, are typically booked for weeks at a time due to experimental design. Owing to long wait times, and the need for animal breeding and ethics to be timed to distant windows of availability, the schedules for bookings are somewhat fluid. It is essential that you discuss your experiments with the facility manager Dr Jennifer Outhwaite prior to making bookings on PPMS.
  • Leica ASP3000s Pathcentre – Due to the large capacity of the Leica ASP3000s Pathcentre, small sample batches are not usually run through the machine. Rather, samples are collected from multiple projects and run through together. This reduces the cost and saves on reagents. If you require a faster timeline for the processing of your samples, contact the Histology Core to enquire about faster options.