The TSE PhenoMaster is a versatile phenotyping system. It provides detailed, non-invasive, synchronous characterisation of metabolic and movement patterns in individually housed experimental animals under controlled conditions.

Providing optimal housing conditions, individual cages are located within custom designed environmental chambers, maintaining light cycles, temperature and humidity.

The software supplies real-time monitoring of 16 animals at a time. Each cage provides structural support for dedicated sensors:

  • Food hopper monitoring detects the frequency and amount of food consumed.
  • Water monitoring station detects the frequency and amount of water consumed.
  • Indirect calorimetry measures animal oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to calculate key metabolic parameters, including respiratory exchange rate (RER).
  • Body weight sensor located within the cage doubles as environmental enrichment.
  • ActiMot light sensors monitor movements in an X, Y and Z axis.
  • Optional: running wheels can be programmed to operate freely or under restricted access.

The NMR is frequently used in conjunction with the PhenoMaster.

Standard Operating Procedure – Animal Ethics

Standard Operating Procedure – Equipment