The surgical facility is well equipped and can be adapted for a wide variety of procedures including terminal anaesthesia. The equipment includes oxygen, isoflurane vaporizers, minivet ventilators and a pulse ox for monitoring animals. The surgical microscope and monitor can assist in teaching and has the capacity to take images and video. Animals awaiting surgery can be housed in the animal holding facility and in recovery can be supported in climate controlled chambers. Surgery training and assistance is available where required.

  • Surgical tools
  • Stereotaxic frame and drill
  • Cauteriser
  • Pulse Ox
  • Mini-vent ventilator
  • Leica M320 surgical microscope
  • Consumables: including gel packs, depilatory cream/clippers, 27-29G insulin syringes, 25-29G hypodermic needles, 1ml syringes, 20G catheters, saline, scalpel blades, eye gel, surgical gauze, cotton swabs, gloves, betadine, heat lamps and heat pads
  • Sterilisers: Unisonics ultrasonic cleaner, Germinator heat bead steriliser

Animal ethics approved standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Generic Score Sheet