Nikon Electrophysiology Upright Microscope (Ginny)The Eclipse FN1, developed especially for electrophysiological research, features enhanced operability to facilitate patch-clamp experiments. Advantages offered by the FN1 include slim body, streamlined structure, improved electrode placement, long working distance, and greater noise reduction. A deeper area of the specimen can be observed clearly with infrared (IR) light.

Axial chromatic aberration in the near-infrared region (up to 850nm) has been corrected in CFI Apochromat NIR 40X/60X W objectives for clearly observing the minute structure of thick specimens.

Objectives include: CFI Apochromat NIR 40X W NA: 0.80, W.D:3.5, CFI Apochromat NIR 60X W NA:1.00, W.D.:2.8

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