Zeiss confoca

Inverted laser scanning confocal with super resolution capabilities using Fast-AiryScan 2. 

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  • Laser lines: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm. 
  • 7 high-powered LED light sources, 385nm, 430nm, 475nm, 555nm, 590nm, 630nm, 735nm
  • Pentaband emission filter to allow high speed imaging using a sCMOS Axiocam 712 monochrome camera. 
  • Fast Z piezo focus drive
  • Detectors: 2x GaSaP PMT detector, 1 Airyscan2 GaAsP-PMT super-resolution array, one transmission PMT 
  • DIC optics on all objectives
  • On the fly deconvolution can provide precise imaging details and increased resolution.  
  • Fully incubated for live cell imaging and super resolution live imaging.


  • 10x Plan-Apo NA 0.45 Ph1 (dry)
  • 20x Plan-Apo NA 0.80 (dry)
  • 40x LD LCI Plan Apo NA 1.20 multi-immersion (water, silicon, glycerol)
  • 63x C-Apo NA 1.2 water-immersion
  • 63x C-Plan Apo NA 1.4 oil-immersion