DracoLaser Capture Microdissection (LCM) microscope for Isolating High-Purity Tissue.

PALM MicroBeam makes isolating uncontaminated source material simple. Precise detection, laser microdissection and patented laser transport allow you to obtain the homogenous analysis material necessary for meaningful scientific results. Suitable for laser microdissection and analysis for DNA, RNA and protein isolation — whether from archive material or live cells

Applicable to cryosections, FFPE (formalin fixed and paraffin embedded) tissue

Performing LCM even from standard glass slides, e.g. archived material, with ZEISS-patented sample capture technology

Objectives include: 5x NA 0.25, 20x NA 0.4, 40x NA 0.6, 63x NA 0.75.

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