November 2023

Congratulations to Cooper, who obtained a First Class Honours mark, and who won an award for his oral presentation.

Well done also to Mikki and Justin, who did fantastic jobs with their Honours proposal seminars.

October 2023

Congrats to Laura who conferred her PhD!

Well done to Ben, who had his review on SETD2 function accepted to Journal of Cell Science this month.

Congratulations to Cooper and Fiona, who both handed in their Honours theses recently.

Congratulations also to Raul, who sailed through his PR3.

August 2023

Well done to Mikki and Justin, who both submitted their Honours proposal this month.

Laura received great comments on her thesis, and successfully did her viva. Congratulations Laura!

Ben resubmitted his review to The Journal of Cell Science this month. Fingers crossed now.

July 2023

Congratulations to Laura, who submitted her thesis for review! Exciting times!

Brad’s manuscript in Bioinformatics was accepted this month; well done Brad.

Welcome to Mikki Doonan and Justin Jones, who have joined us for Honours at the mid-year intake.

June 2023

Well done to Cooper, who got excellent marks for his Honours proposal and oral presentation.

Ben had a busy month, submitting a first author paper from his Honours work, and a first author review. Fingers crossed!

The lab was successful in receiving a grant from the RTW Charitable Foundation, to continue our work on Malan syndrome.

April 2023

Our collaborative with the Thakker group on models of Marshall-Smith syndrome has been published in JBMR Plus. Check it out!!

Well done to Cooper and Fiona on their Honours presentations this month. Both did well!

Laura was recently awarded a travel grant from the Company of Biologists to attend the IBRO conference later this year. Great news, and very well deserved.

March 2023

Congratulations to Laura, who excelled in her Progress Review 3 presentation. Very impressive!

Our collaborative paper on Marshall-Smith syndrome with our Oxford collaborators, Raj Thakker and Kreepa Kooblall, was recently accepted to JBMR Plus. Well done to Oressia and Lachlan for their contributions to this paper.

Cooper submitted an excellent Honours proposal this month; well done!

January 2023

Amazing work from Ben Mitchell, who was awarded an RTP to commence his PhD in the lab this month. Welcome Ben!

December 2022

Laura presented her work at the recent ANS conference. Well done Laura!

Both Ben and Kirra achieved First Class Honours, which is an amazing effort. Well done!

Welcome to Lucy, who joined us for a summer project this year.

November 2022

Laura gave a talk at the 2022 SBMS Postgrad Symposium. Well done!

Ben and Kirra finished up their Honours journey this month. They both did an amazing job.

Stefan, Mike and Mikael were fortunate this month to be awarded an ARC Discovery Project this round. This grant will focus on understanding the mechanisms behind the expansion of the anterior portion of the central nervous system

Welcome to Lucy, who joined us for a Summer Project this month

October 2022

Danyon had his PhD thesis conferred this month. Well done mate! He is now in Canada starting his postdoc at the University of Toronto.

September 2022

Welcome to Mikki and Zennjo, who joined the lab to do semester projects in the second half of the year. Also welcome to Dr Nigel Kee, who joined the Thor lab as part of our project on modelling hypothalamic development in vitro.

Well done to Raul for passing his M2 in style this month.

Danyon also sailed through his oral presentation this month, and is ever so close to being conferred his PhD.

A huge shout out to lab alumnus Dr Lachlan Harris, who was awarded an ARC DECRA this month.

August 2022

Danyon’s paper was recently published in Cells. A great finish for Danyon before he heads to Canada for his post-doc.

June 2022

Danyon’s thesis is now out with his examiners. Fingers crossed!

Our collaborative paper on Elp mutations with the Wainwright lab is now fully available online through Embo Molecular Medicine.

May 2022

A HUGE well done to Danyon, who has submitted his thesis recently. Congratulations mate.

Our latest collaborative paper with the Wainwright lab (Diamantina Institute) was recently accepted for publication in Embo Molecular Medicine. Well done all!

April 2022

Well done to Raul, Tracey, Danyon and Cassy. Their paper on NFIX in meiosis within the testis is now available online in Biology of Reproduction.

Ben and Kirra did great jobs with their Honours proposals and seminars. Well done!

Danyon has been offered a post-doctoral position in the lab of Scott Yuzwa (University of Toronto). A great achievement, Danyon!

Ben won multiple awards at the recent Faculty of Medicine awards night, including the Third Year Developmental Biology Prize (2021) and the Elspeth McLachlan Prize (2021; awarded to the student with the highest overall percentage marks for NEUR3001 and NEUR3002)

We welcome Alexandra Pelenyi to the lab. Sandy will be performing a PhD with us on cortical development.

March 2022

This month we were fortunate to receive funding from the RTW Charitable foundation for our work on Malan syndrome.

Our collaborative paper with the Thor lab on the role of Eed in hypothalamic development was just published in Development. Check it out!

Well done to Ben and Kirra, who got their Honours proposals submitted.

Mike was fortunate enough to receive the Leader of the Future (Academic) award at the recent Faculty of Medicine awards night.

February 2022

Welcome to our new Honours students, Kirra and Ben, who joined the lab this month. Kirra will be analysing the transcriptional control of hypothalamic formation, while Ben will be analysing the contribution of epigenetic modifications to adult brain structure.

Congratulations to Raul, whose first author paper on the role of NFIX in spermatogenesis was just accepted to Biology of Reproduction. A fantastic effort.

Well done to Laura, who sailed through her second PhD milestone this month.

January 2022

Our lab, in collaboration with the Thor lab (SBMS), were fortunate enough to be awarded an ARC Discovery Project grant late last year. This project will investigate the generation of hypothalamic sleep neurons.

A collaborative paper with the Barry lab (QIMR) on transcriptional changes within the human subependymal zone across the course of aging was recently published in Scientific Reports.

Our paper with the Smith lab (QUT) on the role of Notch signalling in melanoma metastasis was recently published online in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Great work Mitch Fane!!

Welcome to Ben Mitchell, who has been doing a summer project in the lab.

Also welcome to Sandy Pelenyi, who has been awarded a RTP to perform her PhD in the lab.

Another collaborative paper with Marija Kojic from the Wainwright lab was recently submitted. Fingers crossed!

Our paper with the Ng and Khanna labs on the role of Cep55 in brain development was recently published in PLOS Genetics. Amazing work from the first author, Ben Rashidieh!