Dr Kylie Tucker heads the motor control and pain research lab.

Researcher biography

A/Prof. Tucker has a strong track record in assessing/ensuring the reliability and validity of laboratory-based neuromotor data acquisition for gaining insights into the control of human movement in children and adults. She is driven to provide novel insights into the: (i) development of child/adolescent motor control, (ii) motor adaptation to acute (experimental) pain, (iii) motor adaptation to clinical pain and ageing, and (iv) and the use of electromyography and other new technologies. Her experience within the child/adolescent motor control stream means that she has collected a plethora of movement control data, working with children aged 6 to 18 years. This data has been collected in the lab, at the UQ-centre for advanced imaging, and in community centres of remote towns in Queensland, where Tucker has taken the lab to the children. Her experience within the motor adaptation to acute (experimental) pain stream means that she has dedicated time to refine data collection skills to ensure that no time is wasted for participants or researchers, and that every bit of data collection is meaningful. Her experience working with rehabilitation specialists and adults with musculoskeletal pain within the motor adaptation to clinical pain and ageing stream means that she is familiar with working at the cross-roads of discovery science and clinical science. This work is fundamental to making new, innovative discoveries, that have a strong foundation in biomedical sciences, and direct implications for how we live our healthiest lives. Finally, the electromyography (and other new technologies) stream demonstrates her expertise in using fundamental human movement science techniques to drive knowledge gain.