Zorana is an MD-PhD student who is dedicated to understanding how and why the developing brain is able to adapt readily to injuries or perturbations, whereas the adult brain cannot. By understanding the differences in plastic potential that occur with age, we may be able to harness the benefits of development later in life to help conditions such as brain and spinal cord injuries. Zorana previously worked on research with the opposite goal - using mechanisms to increase brain maturity  as a potential treatment for developmental-like brain cancer cells, for which she was awarded a Royal College of Pathologists Australasia Scholarship. Zorana aims to gain both an MD and PhD to have the skills to bridge clinical and biomedical research so that she can help find and implement treatments for patients. 

Outside of the lab, Zorana has won numerous awards for her public speaking, including being named a UQ 3MT Finalist in 2020. She also has a keen interest in medical education and has been involved in course development at the UQ Medical School. Prior to joining our lab she completed a BSc Neuroscience (First Class Honours) from the University of Calgary, Canada. 

Zorana spends her spare time recruiting members to her semi-professional escape room team, “The frontal lobes”. 

ORCID: 0000-0002-5566-4707

Twitter: @ZoranaLynton