Lizzy graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010 with a MBChB with honours and a Neuroscience BSc with first class honours. During her studies she was awarded the Association of Physicians’ Undergraduate Scholarship as well as a scholarship to study in Spain as part of the ERASMUS exchange program. After graduation she worked as a doctor for 2 years in London’s NHS before moving to Queensland to spend the next 5 years as a doctor in acute medicine and pathology, acquiring multiple postgraduate qualifications and winning the Eddie Hirst Prize for achieving the highest mark nationally in the Royal College of Pathologists’ Pathological Examination. In 2017 Lizzy decided to shift her career direction to pursue neuroscience research and gained an APA scholarship to become a PhD candidate at QBI, UQ. Her project focuses on understanding how developmental differences between major mammalian lineages (marsupials and placental mammals), particularly axon guidance systems, led to divergence in brain connectivity. This work not only informs us about the changes that drove mammalian brain evolution and contributed to the incredible cognitive capacity of the human brain, but also the different ways a brain can connect itself in health and disease. Outside of work Lizzy enjoys spending time with her family and keeping active in the beautiful outdoors.


Twitter: @ElizzyH86.