Dr Frederik Steyn is a network member of the MND Collective at UQ.

Researcher biography

Dr Steyn started his career as a Biomedical Researcher conducting mechanistic studies that define hypothalamic integration of energy homeostasis, growth and reproduction. He developed transformative methodologies that are the industry gold-standard for the assessment of patterned hormone release in murine models of disease. In 2015, Dr Steyn expanded this research focus to conduct studies to improve our understanding of neurodegenerative disease. He co-pioneered methodologies for improved assessment of energy expenditure in patients with Motor Neurone Disease and developed a research platform that has received traction for improved detection of hypermetabolism in neurodegenerative disease. Dr Steyn currently oversees a pre-clinical and clinical research program that aims to increase our understanding of the physiological response to disease, and specifically neurodegenerative diseases that are defined by the loss of upper and lower motor neurones. Within this program, he conducts studies on the role of metabolism on the progression of neurodegenerative disease (MEND-MND), and the effects of loss of appetite and impaired body weight regulation (EATT4MND) quality of life and disease progression.