Head of Laboratory

Dr Stephen Anderson


MacGregor Building, Room 316


Dr Stephen Anderson
Ms Kerri Tyrrell (lab manager)


Ms Tiffany Dobbs (PhD)
Ms Katie Ballantyne (PhD)
Mr Agim Shini (PhD)
Ms Mia Reeve-Johnson (PhD)
Ms Azalea Othman (PhD)
Ms Aijing Lui (MPhil)
Ms Patricia LeeHong (PhD)
Mr Xiang Song (MPhil)
Ms Angela Lees (PhD)


Our endocrine laboratory investigates the hormonal control of physiological processes involved in growth, metabolism, appetite, reproduction, lactation, stress, pain and inflammation. We examine cell signalling molecules that communicate between body systems in order to better understand the complexity of normal function and pathological diseases. With our research and industry collaborators we have projects in a wide variety of species, including agricultural animal production (beef and dairy cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens), companion animals (dogs & cats), recreational/sporting animals (horses), companion animals (dogs & cats), and biomedical science (laboratory animals).

Recent Publications

  1. Cuffe J.S., O'Sullivan L., Simmons D.G., Anderson S.T., Moritz K.M. (2012) Maternal corticosterone exposure in the mouse has sex-specific effects on placental growth and mRNA expression. Endocrinology. 153: 5500-5511.
  2. Cawdell-Smith A.J., Todhunter K.H., Anderson S.T., Perkins N.R. and Bryden W.L. (2012) Equine Amnionitis and Foetal Loss: Induction of the syndrome following exposure of mares to the Processionary caterpillar (Ochrogaster lunifer). Equine Veterinary Journal 44: 282-288.

Student projects


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Research Support

Australian Centre International Agriculture Research
Dairy Australia
Meat and Livestock Australia