Head of Laboratory

Chen Chen


MacGregor Building (Building 64), Level 4, Rooms 409, 410, 411, St Lucia Campus


  • Dr Frederik Steyn: Postdoctoral Fellow (NHMRC SRO)
  • Dr Jiezhong Chen: Postdoctoral fellow
  • Dr Shyuan Ngo: Postdoctoral fellow (Bill Gole Fellow)
  • Dr Lili Huang: Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Ms Rasha Mosa: PhD student
  • Ms Rui Li: PhD student (CSC)
  • Mr Kevin Lee: PhD student
  • Ms Chao (Grace) Lin: PhD student
  • Ms Ying Wan: PhD student
  • Mr Michael Sinclair: PhD student
  • Ms Angelina Hwee Tan: PhD student (IPRS)
  • Ms Hayley McDonald: PhD student (APS)
  • Ms Fengxia Zhang: PhD student (CSC)
  • Ms Teresa Xie: PhD student (IPRS)
  • Mr Anan Abu Harbid: PhD student
  • Mr Andy (Xinli) Zhang: PhD student
  • Ms Julie Webster: PhD student (NHMRC)

International visiting academics

  • Dr Jingui Li: CSC visiting scientist from Yangzhou University, China
  • Dr Xiaolin Chen: University visiting scientist from Wuhan University, China


The laboratory focuses on the link of cell biological properties and functions, including the secretion of hormones, contraction and dilation of cardiomyocytes, or proliferation and apoptosis of cancer cells. We concentrate on hormones, which are important in controlling growth, development, metabolic balance, body mass composition, ageing process, and the plasma glucose levels, such as growth hormone, leptin, insulin, glucagon, and other adipocyte-derived hormones and factors.
Several endogenous and synthetic regulatory peptides have been tested in neuroendocrine pituitary and peripheral pancreatic islet endocrine cells on the membrane ion channel kinetics, exocytosis / endocytosis, key molecule expression and synthesis, and receptor expression. The long-term goal of these researches is to find effective way to therapeutically correct growth hormone and insulin deficiency in treating obesity and diabetes. In addition, possible paracrine or autocrine effect of a newly discovered hormone, Ghrelin, in the regulation of uterine endometrial cancer development, is under the investigation in this laboratory. We also investigate the function of cardiomyocytes in chronic heart failure, ischemic and diabetic cardiomyopathy.
The laboratory is using cutting edge techniques including patch clamping, cell image analysis, single cell shortening, and super-sensitive hormone assay method and real-time micro-blood sampling for pulsatile hormone profiles in mouse. Modern molecular biology techniques are also employed in the laboratory for different projects, including GFP-transgenic mouse, shRNA-gene knock down, and real-time PCR.

Publications 2010 to 2014

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Student projects


  1. Metabolic regulation by GH pulsatile profiles in mouse under positive or negative energy balance
  2. Cell function analysis of insulin cells with insulin resistance
  3. Regulation of Pim-1 expression in diabetic cardiomyopathy in rat


  1. Development of iPSC techniques in the treatment of motor neuron disease
  2. Islet cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes
  3. Metabolic regulation of GH profiles through peripheral and neuroendocrine system

Research Support

  • MEI Equipment Grant: 2012-2013, Establishment of small animal genotyping and metabolic analysis centre and the Centre for Integrative Physiology
  • NHMRC Research Project Grant: 2012-2014, Metabolic regulation of GH profile and neuroendocrine mechanism
  • NHMRC Research Fellowship Grant: 2008-2013
  • Commonwealth Australia DIISR Research project grant: 2010-2012, Effect of GHS on diabetic cardiomyopathy and underlying mechanism
  • Queensland International Fellow Grant: 2010-2012, Cellular and molecular mechanism underlying obese-related diabetes
  • Queensland-CAS Joint Biotechnology Project Grant: 2012-2015, an induced pluripotent stem cells model for amyotropic lateral sclerosis